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FIX YIDI LLC Terms & Conditions 

1. Introduction

Welcome to FIX YIDI LLC! We are excited to provide you with our services, and we want to ensure that your experience with us is positive and transparent. This Terms of Service and Warranty Policy explains your rights and responsibilities as a client, customer, or purchaser of our services, and it also outlines the terms of our warranty coverage. Please read this document carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

2. Definitions

In this warranty and terms of service document, the following terms are considered interchangeable:

  • "Purchaser of the booking" is considered as the "client," "customer," "primary purchaser," "liable party"or "you."

  • "FIX YIDI LLC" and its employees are considered interchangeable with "provider," "YiDi's," or "we."

  • "Liable Party" is considered as "all concerned party", "purchaser of booking", " all contacts associated with the account" 

3. Booking and Payment

3.1 Booking Fees and Deposits: Booking fees and/or deposits are due upon the client's receipt to secure and confirm the booking. This initial payment is essential to reserve your service date and time.

3.2 Payment Terms for Off-Site Clients: For off-site clients, payment in full is due within 5 days of receiving the invoice, after quote acceptance, or upon the arrival of YiDi(s) prior to the start of service if the client is not or will not be on the premise while service is being rendered.

3.3 Payment Terms for On-Site Clients: When applicable, clients who remain on-site during service will be charged the balance upon service completion, along with a separate materials invoice provided by the YiDi's.

4. Scope of Work

Please be advised that the quote provided is based on the scope of work as detailed (or accepted post consultation) by the customer and is considered binding only for the scope of the work detailed in writing. YiDi's are solely responsible for completing the services based on the exact scope of service detailed in writing. By paying this invoice, the customer agrees to receive service solely for the scope of work detailed in writing.

5. Additional Services (Add-Ons)

Additional services, also referred to as add-ons, must be requested and/or accepted by the client prior to service rendering. On-site add-on services refer to additional services requested by the client while YiDi's are present and actively performing a consultation or service. These services are charged via a materials invoice separate from the labor invoice.

6. Cancellation Policy

6.1 Cancellations with 48 Hours Notice: Customer initiated rescheduling attemptBy agreeing to our terms of service, the customer agrees to forfeit $75 into a $25 credit for cancellations made within 36 hours prior to the service date. This credit is viable for up to a 7-day reschedule.

6.2 Same-Day Cancellations: Customer initiated rescheduling attempt must  made before 6pm the previous day or Customer agrees to forfeit deposit and a fine of $175 up to 7% of contracts over $5,000, whichever is higher, into a non-refundable, un-credited fee for customer-related same-day cancellations.

7. Contract Cancellation

7.1 FIX YIDI LLC reserves the right to cancel this contract should the scope of work be outside of the terms stated, and/or if the customer does not agree to be quoted and/or pay for additional charges prior to the start of additional service(s) if need be.

7.2 Customer initiated Contract Cancellations are considered a forfeit of all paid deposits and fees. Any unpaid fees will be sent to collections. FIX YIDI LLC reserves the right to take full legal action against any attached liable party on the ticket account to recover all contractual compensation.

8. Warranty Policy

8.1 Labor Warranty: FIX YIDI LLC services are backed by up to a 1-year flex labor warranty. New installations are covered by a six-month service warranty, which includes 3 warranty services. After six months, unused warranty services are converted into a 5% - 15% off coupon on any service booking priced over $300, valid for up to six months.

8.2 Used, Pre-Owned, or Second Hand Materials: Repairs and installations of used, pre-owned, or second-hand materials are covered by a 60-day service warranty, which includes one warranty service.

8.3 Parts and Materials: Please note that parts and materials are not warrantied. Defective parts and/or materials automatically void all associated service warranty.

8.4 Environmental: FIX YIDI LLC Does not cover  environmental issues under any circumstances. Should a service issue arise after service rendered, and is determined to be environmental,  FIX YIDI LLC warranty is considered Void. 

8.5 Issue Resolution: FIX YIDI LLC is committed to rectifying any issues arising from our services. Our warranty coverage ensures that you receive the quality and satisfaction you deserve. The warranty is void if the customer or any other entity attempts to rectify services before contacting and allowing FIX YIDI LLC to remedy the service issue.

9. Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or require clarification regarding our Terms of Service or Warranty Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us via text or email. 

Thank you for choosing FIX YIDI LLC. We look forward to serving your needs and providing you with high-quality service and customer satisfaction.

Last Updated: [10/24/2023]

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